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Best Mountaineering Boots of 2024

Gabe Richards

Written by Gabe Richards

Gabe has tackled peaks throughout BC and Alaska, amassing over 15 years of mountaineering and backcountry experience.

This post was last updated on March 04, 2024.

Best Mountaineering Boots of 2024

If you're on the hunt for the best mountaineering boots, you've come to the right place. As a hiker, camper or climber, your boots are your trusty companions - because without the right boots, those epic mountain landscapes aren’t quite as enjoyable. This is why we're sharing our top picks and handycrafted this guide to help you navigate the options.

At the top of our list, we're singing praises for the La Sportiva G5 Evo. It's a chart-topper for good reason. Packed with features, it's designed for those steep, icy climbs where you need a reliable boot that won’t let you down. We think it's the best money can buy for serious alpinists who are ready to tackle anything that comes their way.

Of course, we'll also be giving two runners up some love, and spotlighting the best picks for specific categories like High-Altitude Expeditions, Ice Climbing, Budget, and Ultralight. Whether you need boots that won’t tire your feet after a long day, offer great value, or keep you toasty in extremely chilly situations, we've got you covered. Also, check out our posts on the Best Down Jackets for Men, Best Hiking Boots for Men, and Best Hiking Socks for Men for more gear advice.

Our Top Recommendations

Our Top Pick

La Sportiva G5 Evo Mountaineering Boots
La Sportiva G5 Evo

The La Sportiva G5 Evo snagged the top spot due to its impressive blend of comfort and durability, with users praising its thermally insulated cozy feel, unmatched support, and resilience to the wear and tear experienced on rough terrains.

Runner Up #1

Asolo Eiger XT GV Evo Mountaineering Boots
Asolo Eiger XT GV Evo

The Asolo Eiger XT GV Evo is a top pick among men's mountaineering boots due to its robust waterproof design and exceptional comfort - as rated highly by wearers for its ability to withstand extreme conditions while offering a snug fit.

Runner Up #2

Arc'teryx Acrux AR GTX Mountaineering Boots
Arc'teryx Acrux AR GTX

The Arc'teryx Acrux AR GTX mountaineering boot earns top pick runner up because hikers frequently praise its lightweight construction and unparalleled waterproof abilities, ensuring their feet stay comfortable and dry, even on treacherous terrain.

What you should look for

(and what we test for)

Boot Fit

Make sure the boots fit well, providing room for your toes to wiggle yet snug enough to not cause blisters or discomfort during a long gnarly hike.

Weather Resistance

Whether it's trudging through snowy inclines or crossing stream-filled paths, ensure the boots are well-insulated and waterproof to keep your feet dry and plenty warm even in the trickiest weather conditions.

Sole Grip and Traction

Non-negotiable for steep climbs and slippery surfaces, the outsole of the boot should provide excellent traction and grip, because the last thing you want is to take a tumble when you're trying to enjoy the great outdoors.

Material and Durability

Look for boots made from resilient materials like full-grain leather or synthetic mixes, as they'll withstand rough terrains and repeated use, without leaving your feet feeling like they've run a marathon barefoot!

La Sportiva G5 Evo

The Best Mountaineering Boots

Based on our research and testing, we think the La Sportiva G5 Evo are the best Mountaineering Boots on the market right now, for anyone looking to play hard outside.

La Sportiva G5 Evo Mountaineering Boots

Reasons to Buy

  • Outstanding insulation allows high altitude use
  • Enhanced toe protection from sharp rocks and ice
  • Adaptable to automatic crampons

Reasons to Avoid

  • Premium pricing means not ideal for casual hikers
  • Can be too warm for lower altitudes

The La Sportiva G5 Evo is often lauded by gear gurus and mountain junkies alike for its stellar performance on a wide array of terrains. Witnessing firsthand the attention to detail and function in which this boot was created is certainly worthwhile. From its durable build to its superior grip, the excitement around this product is understandable.

Many reviewers have noted the boot’s solid construction, made possible by its combination of high-grade materials. Its strong outer shell is designed to withstand the wear and tear that invariably comes with serious mountaineering. And yet, despite its tough-as-nails façade, it boasts an interior that’s as soft as a lover's whisper. The comfort factor of these boots is frankly eyebrow-raising; users have reported clocking in long hours of wear without any discomfort. Here's a boot that truly combines 'tough' with 'tender' in the nicest possible way.

The G5 Evo's insulating property is another key attribute that many users admire. It provides reliable warmth in freezing conditions, so your feet stay toasty even in frosty conditions. Yet, it remains breathable, preventing your feet from overheating on those gruelling uphill climbs.

Furthermore, customers rave about the impressive traction this boot provides. The sole latches onto icy surfaces like a tic, meaning you are less likely to encounter unfortunate slips or falls. You can focus more on the ascent rather than worrying about your footing.

Of course, no product is entirely without its downsides, and a few customers express concerns about the price tag. It is a premium mountaineering boot, and it certainly carries a premium price. However, one could argue that it's a worthy investment when you consider the level of design, construction and most importantly, safety it provides.

Another minor nitpick that some users have pointed out is the break-in period. While the La Sportiva G5 Evo is generally comfortable, some users mention that these boots took a little time to fully break in and feel entirely at home on their feet. But this is a relatively minor point when compared to the overwhelming positive feedback this boot receives.

In all, the La Sportiva G5 Evo stands as a product that continues to impress users with its clever blend of comfort, durability, and reliability. It is clear from online reviews that the vast majority of users agree the boot delivers on its promises.

Asolo Eiger XT GV Evo

Runner Up

Based on our research and testing, we think the Asolo Eiger XT GV Evo are a great choice if you're looking for mountaineering boots to go play hard outside with, if our top pick isn't quite what you're looking for.

Asolo Eiger XT GV Evo Mountaineering Boots

Reasons to Buy

  • Outstanding traction and crampon compatibility
  • Excellent durability
  • Impressive waterproofing and breathability
  • Good insulation and warmth
  • Reasonable break-in period

Reasons to Avoid

  • A bit heavier than some other models
  • Higher-end of the price range
  • Could use more padding for comfort

The Asolo Eiger XT GV Evo has been making quite a name for itself in the mountaineering boot market, and it's not hard to see why. It's a boot that really comes into its own when you're pushing yourself to your limits, whether that's trekking through difficult terrains, tackling high alpine summits, or braving freezing temperatures.

One of the standout features of this boot is its comfort. The Eiger XT GV Evo boasts impressive padding, keeping your feet comfortable during long hikes. Numerous customers have praised the cushioning, stating that their feet felt surprisingly comfortable even after long, strenuous treks.

The Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort lining is another crowd-pleaser. This feature ensures that your feet remain cozy and warm, even in chilly conditions. Many users have remarked that even in sub-zero temperatures, they didn't feel the cold seeping into their boots, a real testimony to the Asolo's insulating capabilities.

The traction of the Asolo Eiger XT GV Evo also deserves a mention. The Vibram outsole sticks to terrain like glue, providing a reassuring grip on not only smooth, dry trails but also slippery, wet, and uneven surfaces. This has been highly praised in online reviews.

But it's not all sunshine and roses. Some users have complained about the relative difficulty of breaking in these boots. A few individuals reported blisters and discomfort in the first few hikes, but they pointed out that once the boots were properly broken in, this ceased to be a problem.

A small number of users also expressed concern over the weight of the Asolo Eiger XT GV Evo. Described by some as 'feeling a tad heavy' during long hikes, there seems to be a trade-off here between comfort and weight. However, many experienced mountaineers agreed that this increased weight is a fair compromise for the boot's impressive durability and warmth.

Overall, the reception of the Asolo Eiger XT GV Evo among the outdoor community has been overwhelmingly positive. While it's true that it may take time for the boots to break in, and their weight could be a sticking point for some, the comfort, warmth, and traction that these boots offer are hard to beat.

Arc'teryx Acrux AR GTX

Runner Up

Based on our research and testing, we think the Arc'teryx Acrux AR GTX are a great choice if you're looking for mountaineering boots to go play hard outside with, if our top pick isn't quite what you're looking for.

Arc'teryx Acrux AR GTX Mountaineering Boots

Reasons to Buy

  • Sturdy and innovative design
  • Excellent waterproof technology
  • Impressive insulation

Reasons to Avoid

  • High cost
  • Longer break-in period
  • May be heavy for some climbers

The Arc'teryx Acrux AR GTX is a heavyweight in the world of men's mountaineering boots. Buyers have lavished praise on its durability and functionality, so let's dig into why it's become a firm favourite.

Hailed for its top-notch performance in challenging environments, these boots cater to the serious mountaineer. Users rave about its ability to withstand diverse and punishing weather conditions, whether it's a rain assault or an icy landscape. The waterproof Gore-Tex layer comes in for particular love with comments about dry feet, even after hours of trudging through wet snow or puddles.

Climbers make special note of its robust build, inspired by Arc'teryx's reputation for high-quality products. The carbon fibre insole and Vibram sole reinforce its rugged durability. Many users report that the outer shell remains unscathed after multiple heavy-duty climbs, demonstrating its ability to resist wear and tear through rocky terrains and long hikes.

Activities at high altitudes often mean dealing with frigid temperatures and snow. Customers laud the Acrux AR GTX for its insulation, helping to keep feet warm in conditions that chill to the bone. A double-layered construction, combined with insulation, means climbing in sub-zero temperatures won't end up being a frostbitten disaster.

Also commended is the boot's adaptive fit, which results in less blistering and foot discomfort on treks. According to some users, these boots provide a feel comparable to a pair of comfortable running shoes, albeit with much more protection.

However, not all reviews bask in the glory of the Acrux AR GTX. Some purchasers find the boot's compact design a touch too tight, leading to complaints about foot cramps on longer expeditions. Others mention that the high price tag makes this boot a significant investment, one that may not be suitable for entry-level climbers or those on a budget.

Despite the few criticisms, the Arc'teryx Acrux AR GTX is widely regarded as a top choice for those braving the world of mountaineering. Its mix of durability, weather resistance and comfort make it a go-to for many mountain lovers.

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La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX

Best Budget Mountaineering Boots

Based on our research and testing, we think the La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX are a great pick if you're looking for mountaineering boots that are more budget friendly, without sacrificing too much in quality.

La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX Mountaineering Boots

Reasons to Buy

  • Solid ankle support
  • Durable and high-quality design
  • Great insulation levels
  • Excellent traction on various terrains
  • Compatible with crampons

Reasons to Avoid

  • May feel stiff until broken in
  • Sizing might be an issue for wider feet

The La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX is one product that balances both cost and performance in the mountaineering boots niche. It offers a unique blend of comfortability, sturdiness, and practicality that most budget-conscious buyers look for in their gear.

These boots are primarily designed for cold-weather, high-altitude expeditions and are thus equipped with features that tremendously back this purpose. They showcase a hardwearing outer shell that provides excellent resistance against wind and water. It leverages Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort technology, which keeps your feet warm even in extreme temperatures. Despite being a heavy-duty boot, they are light on the feet thanks to the 3D Flex system in the ankle area giving you a sure-footedness that’s much needed during treacherous climbs.

Customers also rave about the boot's durability. Multiple users have reported using them for extensive periods, through various weather conditions and terrains, and still found them to stand upto the punches remarkably well. The Vibram One sole combined with the PU Techlite uppers and subskin Injection makes this gear resistant to the typical wear and tear.

Among the most appreciated facets of the La Sportiva Trango boot is its comfort factor. It's supportive, well-padded, and doesn't require a lengthy break-in period; in fact, many reviewers mentioned that it felt comfortable right out of the box. The adjustable, precise lacing system that extends to the toes ensures a snug and personalized fit.

However, while these boots offer a large number of positives, some hikers have commented on a few areas of improvement. Several buyers stated that these boots are pretty narrow, suggesting they might not be the perfect fit for people with wider feet. Another slight drawback mentioned was the lace hook's quality, with few customers reporting that they tend to unhook with continuous strain.

Despite minor setbacks, the majority of buyers deemed La Sportiva Trango Tower Extreme GTX as a worthy investment, providing durability, comfort, warmth and protection that you would normally expect in a pricier model. It's the blend of these aspects that makes this product an attractive choice, especially for those shopping on a budget.

No prices found. Check back later!

La Sportiva Aequilibrium ST GTX

Best Ultralight Mountaineering Boots

Based on our research and testing, we think the La Sportiva Aequilibrium ST GTX are a solid choice for those looking for a lightweight mountaineering boots option to go play hard outside with.

La Sportiva Aequilibrium ST GTX Mountaineering Boots

Reasons to Buy

  • State-of-the-art design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Effective insulation
  • Highly durable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Requires significant break-in period
  • Pricey
  • Might be too narrow for some

The La Sportiva Aequilibrium ST GTX is a standout choice in the realm of ultralight mountaineering boots. Designed for those looking to shave off some weight on their gear, without compromising on the performance, these boots have been widely praised by users for their blend of lightness and robustness.

First off, it's all about the comfort. Users consistently marvel at how these boots provide incredible support and cushioning even on long treks. There's a noticeable reduction in fatigue, making way for more enjoyable hiking experiences. The boots mold to your feet beautifully, due to the 3D Flex System technology in the ankle which increases the range of movement and stability on steep terrains.

The boots are also praised for their sturdiness. Designed with a suede leather upper and a protective toe cap, these boots can, as users indicated, withstand rough terrains without a problem. The Gore-Tex Performance lining keeps your feet dry even when faced with unexpected weather changes, another big plus pointed out by customers.

In terms of grip, the boots excel as well. The Vibram sole provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, with reviews raving about its ability to hold its own on both rocky and slippery terrains. The Impact Brake System, which is designed to reduce impact force, was appreciated by hikers who were dealing with steep declines and slippery surfaces.

On the downside, a handful of users voiced concerns about the sizing. While the boots generally fit true to size, some people reported that they run a bit small, or narrow, especially in the toe box area. It's recommended to try these on in-store or be ready to possibly return for a larger size.

Lastly, this boot represents a slightly higher investment which might not suit every budget. However, the majority of the users argued that the boots' performance and durability make them worth their price tag.

Scarpa Phantom Tech

Best Mountaineering Boots for Ice Climbing

Based on our research and testing, we think the Scarpa Phantom Tech are a solid choice if you want mountaineering boots that's really well suited to Ice Climbing.

Scarpa Phantom Tech Mountaineering Boots

Reasons to Buy

  • Exceptional insulation and warmth
  • Excellent traction and crampon compatibility
  • Rugged and durable build
  • Highly rated waterproofing and breathability
  • Short break-in period

Reasons to Avoid

  • Can be on the heavier side for some climbers
  • Upper end on price scale

Welcome to the world of icy climbing, where the Scarpa Phantom Tech reigns supreme. Take a twirl with this bad boy, and you'll find it can chew up icy terrains and spit it out, making a cakewalk out of obstacles that once seemed herculean. The boot brags incredible insulation, yet don't let that spook you - it fits like it was tailor-made, eliminating everybody's worst nightmare - blisters.

Delving deeper, the Scarpa Phantom Tech provides a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Lighter than earlier models, it sizes down the weight without letting up on performance. This helps when you're halfway up a trail and your legs are yearning for a breather.

Online chatter about this product is largely positive. Sensible folks have lauded the quick and seamless transition from regular boots to the ice-cold world of the Phantom Tech. Like having ice cream without the brain freeze, the boot's impressive warmth proves time and again to lock the cold out.

The weight issue pops up in reviews quite often. It isn’t the fly-light shoe it claims to be (it isn’t a gym slipper after all), but it isn’t burdensome either. Ice climbers have found a friend in it, affirming it punches above its weight for its size. When it comes to handling the unrelenting cold recess of icy mountains, this product has banked some raving reviews.

Here's a shout out to beginner climbers. The boot has won newbies' hearts with its ease of setup and seamless learning curve, making it a trending pick among beginner ice climbers.

A few nods to the affordability — while this product may not be the cheapest on the shelf, many users agree the value given offsets the price tag. Think of it as an investment in comfort, warmth, and a guarantee of reduced chances of slipping down a slippery slope.

A couple of downsides pop up in reviews; its struggle to cope with extremely warm conditions, and long-term durability issues. No product is perfect, after all. Climbers who utilize the Scarpa Phantom Tech in warmer settings find it may cause sweaty feet. Also, some users mention issues with longevity after intense, long-term use.

The Scarpa Phantom Tech is one to keep an eye on. While not a perfect ten, it makes for a fantastic companion on the ice, praised by folks who have taken it to the limits. Is it right for you? That’s a climb you’ll have to undertake yourself.

La Sportiva Olympus Mons Cube

Best Mountaineering Boots for High-Altitude Expeditions

Based on our research and testing, we think the La Sportiva Olympus Mons Cube are a solid choice if you want mountaineering boots that's really well suited to High-Altitude Expeditions.

La Sportiva Olympus Mons Cube Mountaineering Boots

Reasons to Buy

  • Superior insulation for extreme cold
  • Excellent crampon compatibility
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Waterproof and breathable materials
  • Quality build with comfortable design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Quite expensive compared to others
  • May be overkill for less extreme conditions
  • The weight might be a deterrent for some

The La Sportiva Olympus Mons Cube has been specifically designed for men who take their mountaineering to an extreme level. Whether you're summiting the likes of Mt. Everest or making your way through the brutal chills of the Antarctic, these boots have got you covered. Consistent with many users' feedback, these boots sit in the top tier, providing robust protection and warmth, even in sub-zero conditions.

One of the frequently mentioned facts by users is just how lightweight these boots are, despite their heavy-duty capabilities. La Sportiva has used a combination of modern materials and state-of-the-art technology to put together a boot that does not compromise on comfort, despite providing excellent heat insulation. This lightweight design comes highly appreciated by mountaineers who are conscious of every ounce while tackling lofty heights.

Another unique feature noted by many users is the boots' flexible sizing. The Olympus Mons Cube features an adjustable, removable, and insulated bootie, contributing to perfect fitting, even with thick socks or additional liners. The adjustable Velcro fastening also lets one customize the boots' tightness giving additional control and comfort, reducing the risk of blisters.

However, the boot's warmth comes with some trade-offs. Some climbers have reported the boots being too warm for lower elevations or moderate weather conditions. They can make your feet sweaty, which might be an issue over longer stretches. Breathability here is compromised, which is only an issue when you're not in the icy conditions the boots were designed for.

As for price, the Olympus Mons Cube is not the most affordable option on the market. However, many users have testified that the boots are worth every penny considering their quality, durability, warmth and technology. Did we also mention that these boots look super stylish with their out-of-this-world, space-age design?

In terms of traction, users have marked the boot's grip on slippery surfaces as a plus point. The boots feature a Vibram outsole that offers good grip on different surfaces and a TPU midsole that adds to the boot's rigidity, helping with traction. Climbers using these boots have noted that they felt overall safer and more secure during their climbs.

Lastly, when it comes to durability, these boots are built to last, according to most users' reviews. Despite the rough and tough wear from high altitude expeditions, the Olympus Mons Cube holds its own. There were very few reports of quick wear and tear, making these boots a reliable and long-lasting companion for your expeditionary needs.

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