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Camping Underwear

Underwear | Stuart | 36

Camping UnderwearMost people remember to get things like camping shirt, pants and hats, but often neglect the camping underwear, electing to just grab whatever they use on a day to day basis. And if this works for you, that’s great, but just know that there are some wonderful pairs of camping underwear out there that solve a lot of the problems, like chaffing, that most people experience when they try to use regular old underwear while camping, which can make your camping experience a lot more enjoyable.

Camping Underwear

What to look for when you're looking for new camping underwear.
  • Material – There are a couple of different choices that you have when it comes to the material for your camping underwear. Wool is an obvious one, though this is not the same scratchy sweater wool that most people are familiar with. Wool wicks moisture well, and helps to regulate temperature, both important features in a pair of camping underwear.
  • Antimicrobial – One of the big advantages of going with wool for your camping underwear is that it is a natural antimicrobial, meaning that at the end of the day it will smell just about as good as it did at the beginning. There are, however, several excellent synthetic camping underwear choices that come treated with antimicrobials.

Best Camping Underwear

Some of the better choices when it comes to camping underwear, broken down by gender.

Men's Camping Underwear

  • ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs - First up, a good, solid pair of camping boxers from ExOfficio. They're a blend of nylon and spandex and have a tight fit, to help eliminate chaffing. The nylon helps them to dry extremely fast, and the spandex helps give them a good stretch, for different leg sizes. Best of all, they have an antimicrobial treatment, so you will smell great at the end of the day.
  • Icebreaker BodyFit 150 Boxer Briefs - These are fairly similar in design to the Give-N-Go Boxers above, but they're made of wool. This isn't thick scratchy wool, however, and you will find it easy to go a whole day wearing these. Wool is a natural material of course, and breathes very well, a trait always welcome in underwear you're going to be active in. Wool is also a natural anti-microbial, which helps to cut down on smell if you have to wear the same pair for more than a day while out camping.

Women's Camping Underwear

  • ExOfficio Give-N-Go String Bikini Briefs - Similar to the Give-N-Go boxers above for men, but with a woman's cut. They're a combination of nylon and spandex, for a quick drying, stretchy fit. They're also treated with an anti-microbial, so that they don't retain smells, making them ideal for being active outside for an entire day in.
  • Stoic Merino Boy Boxer - These are reminiscent of a boy's boxer cut, for added comfort in the outdoors. They're also made with a high quality wool that feels surprisingly great against the skin. Wool, especially the higher quality stuff, breathes very well, which is always a bonus in the outdoors. Wool is also a natural anti-microbial, which means the boxers wont retain smells.