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Hiking Sandals for Women

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Hiking Sandals for WomenWhen summer weather finally comes around, the idea of having to strap on a pair of shoes when the weather is so great is almost sacrilegious for some. If you want to give your feet a little breathing room for your summer hiking, hiking sandals are the answer. Of course just like any other footwear, there are some important differences that hiking sandals for women have over sandals for men.

Hiking Sandals for Women

Regardless of what your gender is, hiking sandals should have a few things going for them.
  • Secure - These aren't flip-flops, they're hiking sandals. Just like hiking shoes, hiking sandals should stay on your feet and provide you with a solid base. Uneven trail surfaces are a fact of life when hiking, and you don't want your hiking sandals shifting around everywhere, making every step difficult.
  • Good Sole - Hiking sandals should also have a good, solid sole so that you can depend on them to keep you on your feet. You might not be able to find hiking sandals with the same grip and sole that you would find on a hiking shoe, but there should be more than a flat surface on the bottom of your hiking sandals.

Best Hiking Sandals for Women

Some of the very best hiking sandals for women.
  • KEEN Newport H2 Sandal - The Newport H2s are more like a shoe with a bunch of material taken out, rather than an overbuilt sandal. The fully featured sole provides plenty of grip, and the upper webbing is enough like a shoe that you wont be slipping out of them. A single pull bungee with a toggle clip tightens and loosens the Newport H2s, making them easy to get on and off.
  • Vibram FiveFingers Sprint Multisport - These are not, technically, a sandal, but they're definitely not a shoe either. The very unique design, with a spot for each toe, means that you have excellent control and stability on a wide variety of terrain. And because they fit like a glove, you can be sure they're never going to slip off while hiking. And just like a hiking sandal, the FiveFingers are capable of drying quickly, making them well suited to hiking in and around water.
  • Chaco Z/2 Unaweep Sandal - The Unaweep are more a really well built sandal that are ideal for hiking. The Unaweeps are secured to your feet with a number of overlapping bands, and a single pull buckle is enough to keep them from ever falling off. If you are looking for something more like a traditional sandal for hiking in, these are a a great choice.