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Cheap Bivy Sack

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Cheap Bivy SackBivy sacks are often quite a bit smaller than tents, which might lead you to believe that they’re also quite a bit less expensive. And while this is sometimes true, bivy sacks can actually end up costing quite a bit, especially if you go for one with a high quality material. But finding a quality, cheap bivy sack is certainly not impossible. As long as you know what to look for, a cheap bivy sack that will keep you dry and not make you sweat isn’t too hard to find.

Cheap Bivy Sack

What to look for from a cheap bivy sack.
  • Material – If you’re looking for a cheap bivy sack then the material the bivy sack is made from is important. Gore Tex, for instance, is a good material for a bivy sack, but it’s also rather expensive, and if you want a cheap bivy sack, you are going to have to pick the material that you want carefully.
  • Supported – Many bivy sacks come with a pole or two over the face, so that the bivy sacks get up off of your sleeping bag, and you get a better amount of air circulation inside the bivy sack. But those extra design features generally mean a higher price tag, so if you want cheap, it’s best to avoid those bivy sacks with a support structure.

Best Cheap Bivy Sack

Some of the best cheap bivy sacks for keeping you happy outdoors.
  • REI Minimalist Bivy - REI's in house brand is a reliable go to when you want reasonably price backpacking, camping or hiking gear. The Minimalist bivy is a combination of a nylon upper treated with REI's Elements laminate. The bottom is much tougher taffeta nylon, for maximum protection from whatever you lay the bivy sack on. The face portion is bug proof, and has an impressive 6 zippers to create small gaps for ventilation. It also weighs reasonably little, at 15 ounces, or 430 grams. So while coated nylon is the most waterproof option, it's a good bivy sack for most conditions. It also comes in a longer size.
  • MSR E-Bivy - A cheap, if simple bivy sack from MSR. There's no bug net here, just a simple overlapped opening to keep you from getting rained on. The top of the bag is silnylon, while the bottom is tougher taffeta nylon with a waterproof coating, for more durable protection from the elements. So not entirely waterproof, but good enough for most weather. The whole thing does, however, weigh just 9 ounces or 255 grams, so it's definitely a lightweight bivy sack option.
  • Rab Storm Bivi - The Rab Storm Bivi is a 4 season bivy sack. It's both waterproof and breathable, thanks to the Hyperlite Storm fabric on top and the laminated nylon on the bottom. What stands out here is that the opening is along the top edge of the bivy sack, in a U shape, so that you can close the bivy sack up at night and be completely protected from the weather outside. So a better option for when the weather gets ugly, though you wont be able to see the stars at night. The whole thing weighs 17.2 ounces, or 490 grams.
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