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Best Hiking Jacket

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Best Hiking JacketIf you go hiking on a regular basis then you just should definitely own a hiking jacket. The best hiking jacket is the one that does it all. It will keep you dry when you find yourself in a spring shower, and it will breath well, so that you don’t get overheated while pounding out miles. The best rain jackets also cut the wind down, so that you don’t get cold in a strong breeze. While you could own several jackets for each of these roles, just one, solid hiking jacket is best.

Best Hiking Jacket

Things to try and find on a good hiking jacket.
  • Waterproof – When shopping for a hiking jacket you need to decide if you are going to want something waterproof or not. This will likely depend quite a bit on where you live and what seasons you enjoy hiking in. If there is a good chance of getting wet on your average hike, then having a waterproof, or at least water resistant hiking jacket is a good idea.
  • Hood – A hood is another feature to definitely consider when picking out a hiking jacket. You need to stay warm in the outdoors, and since your head is one of the areas where you lose the most body heat, the ability to trap that heat in gives you a wide range of control over your body temperature. Use the hood when you’re cold, and slide it off when you’re hot.

Hiking Jacket Reviews

Some of the very best hiking jackets you could hope to buy.
  • The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket - First up a good, basic soft shell jacket from The North Face that would do very well for hiking. It's outer finish is both wind and water resistant, so that you're protected from the elements. It has two zippered hand pockets, plus one on the breast, so there is plenty of pocket room to work with. And no hood, though it does have a high collar and full length zipper, which gives you some ventilation options. Definitely a good, basic hiking jacket. There's also a women's version.
  • Patagonia R1 Hoody - This is a fleece jacket, though it's certainly not your average fleece jacket. It's form fitting, first, to keep body warmth close, and there are tiny lines cut in to the interior of the fleece, which helps with ventilation. It also comes with a hood and a 3/4 length zipper, to add to your ventilation options. There's just one pocket, on the breast, to store a few things in. This is a fantastic garment to take hiking if you like to stay active, but also have some options for staying warm when you stop for a break. There's no women's version, unfortunately.
  • Marmot Super Mica Jacket - If you would prefer a jacket that's waterproof, the Super Mica is an ideal choice. For hikers who like to carry a heavy load, both the shoulders and hips are reinforced, so that your backpack rubbing wont cause damage to the jacket. It also has two zippered hand pockets, a full length zipper and of course a hood. For ventilation there are pit zips. A fantastic hiking jacket if one of your major concerns is staying dry.