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Best Gaiters of 2024

Gabe Richards

Written by Gabe Richards

Gabe has tackled peaks throughout BC and Alaska, amassing over 15 years of mountaineering and backcountry experience.

This post was last updated on March 04, 2024.

Best Gaiters of 2024

Tenacious terrain and unpredictable weather make the right gear indispensable for adventurers. Outdoor enthusiasts know that small details can make a big difference - and that's where gear like gaiters comes into play. Among the top choices, the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters stand out, proving themselves to be a must-have companion for any serious wilderness venturer.

Our exploration for the 'Best Gaiters' doesn't stop at a single frontrunner, though. To give you the full picture, we'll also present two solid runners-up, as well as handpicked choices for special categories like 'Budget' and 'Dirt & Rocks'. We understand that not all adventurers have the same requirements or budget, so our goal is to provide well-rounded insights based on our comprehensive criteria.

Not only are we going to delve into the world of gaiters, but we're also going to tie in some bonus content. We know how crucial it is to have a harmonious gear setup, that's why we'll link you to our previous posts about the Best Hiking Boots for Men, the Best Hiking Boots for Women, and the Best Hiking Shoes for Men. Let's dive in, and untangle the ins and outs of gaiters - the unsung heroes of outdoor gear!

Our Top Recommendations

Our Top Pick

Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Gaiters
Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters

The Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters rise above the rest because of their genuine toughness against harsh weather conditions, as praised in user reviews, and remarkable durability, ensuring hikers remain comfortable and dry on their outdoor adventures.

Runner Up #1

Rab High Traverse Gaiters
Rab High Traverse

The Rab High Traverse takes the runner-up spot for its exceptional durability and breathability, as praised by users who loved its ability to protect their footwear and hike comfortably in all types of terrains.

Runner Up #2

Black Diamond GTX FrontPoint Gaiters
Black Diamond GTX FrontPoint

With its durable Gore-Tex material proving great in bad weather conditions and its superior comfort for long treks, the Black Diamond GTX FrontPoint gaiters truly outshine the competition according to user reviews.

What you should look for

(and what we test for)


Look for gaiters made of robust materials like nylon or Gore-Tex which can withstand the rough and tumble of outdoor activities like hiking and camping, and resist damage from sharp rocks, sticks, and underbrush.

Ease of Use

Consider gaiters that are simple and straightforward to put on, adjust, and remove, saving you time and hassle when you're out in the wilderness.

Fit and Comfort

Ensure your gaiters fit snugly around your boots and calves but not too tight, allowing for comfort and mobility during long days on the trail or climbing routes.

Weather Resistance

If you're likely to encounter wet or snowy conditions, opt for gaiters with waterproof and windproof features to keep your lower legs and boots dry and warm.

Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters

The Best Gaiters

Based on our research and testing, we think the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters are the best Gaiters on the market right now, for anyone looking to play hard outside.

Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters Gaiters

Reasons to Buy

  • Well-made and durable
  • Highly water resistant
  • Offers extensive coverage
  • Easy to adjust for a snug fit

Reasons to Avoid

  • A tad pricier than some comparable brands
  • Could be too warm for some conditions

One of the standout contenders in our review of gaiters is the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters. This product is much adored by adventure enthusiasts, and has garnered an impressive amount of five-star reviews online. A common sentiment shared by users is its exceptional durability. The Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters are crafted with robust, tear-resistant Gore-Tex material for the upper half, and a tough Cordura inner leg section that fends off abrasion like a charm.

Customers have frequently praised the all-weather performance of Crocodile Gaiters. The Gore-Tex upper is not only tough but also water-resistant, ensuring your feet stay dry in soggy conditions. The heavy-duty lower section resists sharp rock edges, crampon strikes, and hard bushwhacks. It seems that no matter the terrain or weather conditions, buyers of this product feel well prepared.

Another aspect that fans rave about is the high, snug fit of these gaiters. They extend up above the calf, providing ample coverage. The wide, secure Velcro closure and buckle-top help them stay in place throughout a strenuous hike. A number of online reviews notice the lack of debris intrusion, which is a testimony of product effectiveness.

The gaiters are also celebrated for their sleek design and aesthetics. Buyers often mention they love wearing these on the trail, not only for their practicality, but also because they look good. Coming in a variety of colors, there's an option for everyone's style.

However, not all user experiences have been completely positive. While the sturdiness of the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters is one of its major selling points, a small group of consumers has complained that their rigid structure can make them slightly uncomfortable during longer hikes. Ensuring proper fit might alleviate this issue. Another downside noted by a few buyers is the price point. This product rolls in at a higher price range compared to some other gaiters in the market.

Overall, the Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters seem to tick most boxes for an outdoor adventurer in need of high-grade, dependable leg protection. They offer resilient build quality, top-notch weather resistance, and a snug fit that confronts challenging terrains and conditions with confidence. However, the comfort level for long-distance hikes and the price tag might be worth considering for some buyers.

Rab High Traverse

Runner Up

Based on our research and testing, we think the Rab High Traverse are a great choice if you're looking for gaiters to go play hard outside with, if our top pick isn't quite what you're looking for.

Rab High Traverse Gaiters

Reasons to Buy

  • Offers great coverage and protection
  • Highly water-resistant material
  • Durable and wear-resistant
  • Adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Breathable fabric to prevent sweat accumulation
  • Multipurpose attachment system
  • Value for money

Reasons to Avoid

  • May be bulkier than other models
  • Some users found sizing to be off
  • Not ideal for warmer climates due to limited breathability

The Rab High Traverse Gaiter is a stellar performer when it comes to conquering high ridge lines, snow-blanketed trails, and rainy hikes. Built for both durability and versatility, these gaiters have proven to be a big hit among the outdoor community.

One of the star factors of the Rab High Traverse is the waterproof construction. Made with a combination of eVent fabric and stretchy panels, these gaiters keep the water out, while still being breathable - a real boon for those challenging, sweaty climbs or long treks. Users are increasingly appreciating the ability to wade through muddy paths or shallow streams without a second thought, praising the gaiters for their ability to keep feet dry and comfortable.

Consumers have also pointed out the durability of the High Traverse. The combination of 600D durable polyester on the lower half and a highly water-resistant upper makes these gaiters tough cookies. The rubber rand creates a snug fit over boots, and the rustproof lace hooks and buckle closures have been applauded for their robustness.

Another thing folks seem to love about the Rab High Traverse is its compatibility with various footwear. Designed to embrace different boot designs, this flexibility received high praise from users, especially those who like to switch their shoes around depending on the trek.

However, the Rab High Traverse is not without its criticisms. A common remark amongst users was that the gaiters are a bit tricky to put on quickly, making them potentially unsuitable for situations where speed is of the essence. Another point of concern was sizing, with some folks finding the sizing inconsistent.

Despite these drawbacks, the seamless design, durability, and protection offered by the Rab High Traverse makes them a top-notch pick in gaiter options. Backed up by rave reviews from outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, these gaiters have clearly won a special place in many a hiker's gear roster.

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Black Diamond GTX FrontPoint

Runner Up

Based on our research and testing, we think the Black Diamond GTX FrontPoint are a great choice if you're looking for gaiters to go play hard outside with, if our top pick isn't quite what you're looking for.

Black Diamond GTX FrontPoint Gaiters

Reasons to Buy

  • Premium water and snow protection
  • Top-notch durability for challenging hikes
  • Good adjustability for a snug fit
  • Breathable material for comfort
  • Secure attachment with boot-lace hooks

Reasons to Avoid

  • Pricey for casual hikers
  • Limited color options
  • Heavier than some competitors

The Black Diamond GTX FrontPoint gaiters are a nimble set of foot armor that seem to tick all the boxes for outdoor enthusiasts. Designed with a three-layer Gore-Tex upper, these gaiters offer amazing breathability and waterproofing, which ensures your legs and boot tops stay bone dry whether you're trudging through wet snow or wading through shallow streams.

Fans of the Black Diamond GTX FrontPoint rave about how well they fit, stating that they sit comfortably against the skin, with no chafing or rubbing. It seems they nailed the balance between being too tight and too loose. They feature an under-boot strap that's adjustable and replaceable, a key factor in prolonging the life of these gaiters.

Users were quick to note the quality of the materials used in the construction of these gaiters. The lower section, made from rugged ballistic nylon, clearly stands up to the punishment of sustained outdoor use. They offer a protective barrier against sharp rocks, thorny brushes and even the occasional serpent.

Despite being highly protective and seemingly bombproof, some users did express the observation that the GTX FrontPoint gaiters are not the lightest option on the market. This might be something to think about if you're keen on milking every gram from your gear. This minor trade-off in weight does, however, translate into a product that's clearly built to last.

Perhaps the only area where some users have had mixed reviews is with their price. But considering their durability and the top-notch waterproofing, most agreed that these gaiters provide excellent value in the long run. Bluntly put, few things put a damper on an outdoor adventure faster than cold, wet feet - and nobody likes trench foot.

REI Co-op Backpacker Low Gaiters

Best Budget Gaiters

Based on our research and testing, we think the REI Co-op Backpacker Low Gaiters are a great pick if you're looking for gaiters that are more budget friendly, without sacrificing too much in quality.

REI Co-op Backpacker Low Gaiters Gaiters

Reasons to Buy

  • Affordable yet durable
  • Great water resistance
  • Easily adjustable fit

Reasons to Avoid

  • Doesn't offer high leg coverage
  • May not be breathable enough for hot/humid conditions

The REI Co-op Backpacker Low Gaiters is a first-rate option for those on a budget. These shin-protecting treasures are a steal when it comes to both price and performance. Noteworthy for their impressive resilience, they're robust enough for even the most rugged of outdoor adventures.

Users have sung praises about the high functionality of these gaiters. They're lightweight and easy to fold, which makes them a truly backpacker-friendly gear. They take up minimal space and won't add noticeable weight to your pack, liberating more room for other hiking essentials.

One of the biggest pluses about these gaiters is their simplicity of use. Users report that strapping them on and off takes no time at all thanks to the strap-and-buckle system. Once on, they stay secure comfortably throughout your hike.

Being low cut, as their name implies, these gaiters offer optimal breathability. They keep your legs cool, which comes in handy during those longer summer hikes. This breathability does not sacrifice protection, as they are still highly effective at keeping out unwanted trail debris.

The REI Co-op Backpacker Low Gaiters are designed with durable material that holds up well under scrape and strain, a point that many customer reviews have underlined. They also have a water-resistant coating, giving your feet and lower legs an extra layer of protection from dampness.

While the majority of the feedback is positive, some customers mention that these gaiters may not be the best fit for tasks that require high flex, like rock climbing or intense trail running. They do, however, excel in standard hiking and backpacking situations.

Additionally, while they hold up against light to medium rain, they might fall short in truly heavy downpours. For those planning for wet terrain or unpredictable weather, going for a more comprehensive waterproof option might be beneficial.

Dirty Girl Gaiters

Best Gaiters for Dirt & Rocks

Based on our research and testing, we think the Dirty Girl Gaiters are a solid choice if you want gaiters that's really well suited to Dirt & Rocks.

Dirty Girl Gaiters Gaiters

Reasons to Buy

  • Comfortable and well-fitting
  • Stylish and available in different colors
  • Keeps dirt out effectively
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Affordable compared to similar items in the market

Reasons to Avoid

  • Lacks ankle coverage
  • May not fit well over larger boots

Dirty Girl Gaiters really has made a name for itself in the hiking and backpacking world and for good reason. These gaiters are top-notch when it comes to protection and durability on the trail. Boasting a lightweight design that doesn't skimp on effectiveness, you'll find these gaiters do an excellent job at keeping dirt and rocks at bay, so your boots remain clean and your hike remains comfortable.

The one-size-fits-all model makes these gaiters accessible to hikers of all types; however, some customers have reported needing to resize for extra-small or extra-large calves, so bear this in mind if you're on either end of the spectrum. The attachments are secure and fit properly over the boot, which is a plus for those traversing rocky terrains.

Many users have lauded the Dirty Girl Gaiters for their bold design options too. They've said it's nice to have functional gear that also expresses their personal style. This just goes to show how Dirty Girl has managed to create a product that not only works great but looks good too.

Now, while the majority of the feedback has been positive, a few buyers did voice some concerns. They noted that the material, while lightweight and breathable, seems slightly thin and may not withstand aggressive trails or prolonged use. Additionally, these gaiters do not provide adequate protection in snow, slush, or heavy rain; hence, they are better suited for dry, rocky trails.

Finally, one other minor drawback mentioned in reviews includes the installation process. It seems that some users find it a tad tricky, especially for those who are new to using gaiters. However, others argue that with a bit of patience, the set up becomes straightforward, and it's worth the initial time investment for the protection these gaiters provide.

All in all, the Dirty Girl Gaiters seem to be a solid choice for those venturing out on dirt and rock trails. A snug fit, practical design, and an array of visual design options seem to make this a popular pick for many on their outdoor adventures.

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