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Lightest Backpacks

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Lightest BackpacksFind even more of the lightest backpacks over at the lightweight backpacks list.

Lightest Backpacks

Backpackers and hikers often put a lot of thought in to the weight of the things that go in to their backpacks, like tents and sleeping bags, but then fail to think about the weight of their backpacks.

But many of backpacks suffer the same kind of needless heaviness that other pieces of gear do, and you should try as much as possible to find the best possible lightweight backpack.

With that in mind, here are a few features common to many of the light backpacks that you will find when shopping for your next backpack.

Light Backpacks Features

  • Frameless - The main feature common to many light backpacks is the lack of a frame. Internal frames are great if you are carrying a huge load, but if you've got a light sleeping bag and a light tent and light everything else, then you don't need a frame.
  • Fabric - Another important feature of many of the lighter backpacks on the market is the choice of fabric. Dyneema backpacks, for instance, are often some of the best ultralight backpacks you will find because dyneema is both lightweight and strong.

Lightest Frameless Backpacks

There are even more light backpacks at the lightweight backpacks list.
  • Mountain Laurel Designs Exodus - The Exodus is one of the best lightweight backpacks that you have probably never heard of. Lightweight backpackers know it well, however, which is why it won the Backpacker Magazine Reader's Choice Award in 2011 for Best Ultralight Backpack. It weighs a very slim 425 grams, or 15 ounces, making it such a light backpack, you will barely even know it's there.
  • ULA Equipment CDT - ULA Equipment is another brand that not too many people outside of the lightweight backpacking community have ever heard of. This is another one of the lighter backpacks that you will find on the market, however, constructed out of dyneema and with a number of well thought out features that make it an easy choice when shopping for a light backpack. It weighs in at 481 grams, or 17 ounces.
  • Terra Nova Equipment Laser 35 - The Laser 35, from UK manufacturer Terra Nova, has a very unique design that you probably wont see on too many other backpacks. It features one long zipper right down the back of the backpack, giving you instant access to the guts of your backpack. It weighs just 467 grams, or 16.5 ounces, making it another of the lightest frameless backpacks that you will find currently.

Lightest Frame Backpacks

The lightweight backpacks list has hundreds more of the best backpacks to look at.
  • Gossamer Gear Mariposa - Gossamer Gear is one more light backpack manufacturer that you have never heard of. Even with an internal frame, though not a very big one, the Mariposa manages to weigh in at just 658 grams, or 23.2 ounces, which is far lighter than much of the mainstream competition. It's constructed with ripstop nylon, and comes in several different sizes for a more customized fit.
  • ULA Equipment OHM - Another backpack from light backpack manufacturer ULA Equipment. This one features a carbon fiber frame, so you don't waste any weight for improved load control. It's made with dyneema, and features a lot of the ULA Equipment touches, like a spacious perforated back pocket where wet clothes can be stored to dry while on the move, that define the ULA Equipment brand. It weighs 640 grams, or 22.6 ounces, which makes it one of the lightest backpacks with a frame you are likely to find.
  • Osprey Exos 46 - The Exos 46 is a more conventional backpack from a more mainstream backpack manufacturer. It has a more robust frame, but still manages to weigh only 1050 grams, or 37 ounces. It also won a Backpacker Magazine Editor's Choice Award back in 2009, so you know it's one of the best light backpacks you will find.