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Best Waterproof Jackets

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Best Waterproof JacketsBest Waterproof Jackets

There are a wide variety of waterproof jackets on the market to choose from, and what you are doing and where you are going will help determine what is the best waterproof jacket for you.

Best Waterproof Jacket Categories

  • Best Waterproof Hiking Jackets - If you are going hiking, or just using a jacket around town, the best waterproof jacket for you is going to be one that both breaths and keeps you dry. Something that packs small will also be important. When you go hiking it's often a good idea to bring along a waterproof jacket in case of rain.
  • Best Waterproof Backpacking Jackets - When you are backpacking, the best waterproof jackets will breath and keep you dry, but they will also be reinforced in the right places so that your backpack straps don't do your jacket any damage, and they will also maybe even cover your backpack, and keep it dry too.

Best Waterproof Jackets for Men

  • Arc'teryx Alpha LT Jacket - This is one of the best waterproof jackets for hikers and backpackers too. The Gore-Tex it uses is a tough version, so your backpack wont do much damage to it. It also features waterproof zippers and enough room for a hood, but looks good enough that you could wear it to work as well. All around, one of the best waterproof jackets on the market.
  • Marmot Super Mica Jacket - This is a jacket designed more with backpackers in mind. It features reinforced patches in the shoulders and hips so your backpack straps wont damage the fabric. It's also extremely lightweight, so when you're not using it you wont even know you're carrying it. It also gets rave reviews. Definitely one of the best waterproof jackets for backpackers on the market right now.
  • Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Tarp-Poncho - A poncho is a definite backpacker method to stay dry. A poncho tarp is one of the best waterproof jackets you can get for the trail because it covers both you and your backpack. It also offers plenty of ventilation, so there's no need to worry about sweating too much because of a lack of breathability. This particular poncho also converts in to a tarp tent, so you don't even have to bring a tent with you on the trail.

Best Waterproof Jackets List for Women

  • Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket - Arc'teryx is well known for making some of the best waterproof jackets on the market. This particular model can handle backpacking and hiking equally well. It comes with some rugged Gore-Tex and plenty of technical features that make it home in a variety of conditions. It also looks good for urban wearing.
  • Marmot Strato Jacket - This is another excellent waterproof jacket equally suited to both backpacking and hiking. It features a more lightweight waterproof fabric and all the usual features to keep you both dry and comfortable. if you are looking for a backpacking specific jacket, check out the Super Mica up under the men's jackets.
  • Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Tarp-Poncho - Ponchos are entirely unisex, and this poncho is one of the best waterproof jackets for both men and women in the backpacking category. If you are going entirely for function over fashion, this is definitely the best waterproof jacket for you. It will keep you and your backpack dry and well ventilated, and will even double as a poncho tarp tent in case of emergency. An all around great waterproof jacket for backpackers.